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About the Timeline website

--30-Nov-2012, 10:30pm PST Update

About Timeline

Timeline was created and is maintained by me, Jack Penkethman. My concept for this site is to blog about all of the things that interest me and that might possibly interest you. Here is a bullet list of things that I hope to cover.
  • Breaking science news with comments and sources of further information. Science, especially the biological and environmental sciences, are of special importance given our planets changing environment.
  • Blogs and essays on subjects of especial interest to me. Some years ago I started research for a book on human evolution from a integrative point of view. Now I figure, what the heck, I'll just put it on the internet in installments.
  • The Hillbrink Codex is a unique historical artifact from Nazi Germany just after World War Two. The codex is a book collection of original Nazi propaganda posters. It was bound as a collection in 1948 by the US Army as part of the de-nazification of Germany and then served as a source for German and other history scholars. I'll be posting images of the posters online together with some history of the book.
  • One of these days, as time permits, I'll be posting an original collection of photos and videos together with family history photos and perhaps a smattering of other interesting stuff. That's the plan, anyhow.

Please contact me at email@jackpenkethman.com